Three new books, Go Optimizations 101, Go Details & Tips 101 and Go Generics 101 are published now. It is most cost-effective to buy all of them through this book bundle in the Leanpub book store.


Some of the details and tips in this book are collected from the Internet, some ones are found by myself. I will try to list the source of a detail if it is possible. But I'm sorry that it is impossible task to do this for every detail.

Thanks to Olexandr Shalakhin for the permission to use one of the wonderful gopher icon designs in the cover image. And thanks to Renee French for designing the lovely gopher cartoon character.

Thanks to the authors of the following open source software and libraries, which are used in building this book:

Thanks to all contributors for improving this book, including cortes-, Yang Yang, I Putu Gede Wirasuta, etc.


The Go 101 project is hosted on Github. Welcome to improve Go 101 articles by submitting corrections for all kinds of mistakes, such as typos, grammar errors, wording inaccuracies, description flaws, code bugs and broken links.

If you would like to learn some Go details and facts every serveral days, please follow Go 101's official Twitter account @go100and1.

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Tapir, the author of Go 101, has been on writing the Go 101 series books and maintaining the website since 2016 July. New contents will be continually added to the book and the website from time to time. Tapir is also an indie game developer. You can also support Go 101 by playing Tapir's games (made for both Android and iPhone/iPad):
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