Firstly, thanks to the whole Go community. Without an active and responsive community, this book couldn't have been finished.

I'd like to give special thanks to Ian Lance Taylor. Ian kindly answered my countless boring questions on go-nuts group and the Go project issue tracker. Ian's answers helped me clear many of my ever confusions in using Go.

I want to give thanks to the following people who participated in my question threads on go-nuts and go-dev groups: Axel Wagner, Keith Randall, Russ Cox, Robert Griesemer, Jan Mercl, Konstantin Khomoutov, Brad Fitzpatrick, Alan Donovan, Minux Ma, Dave Cheney, Volker Dobler, Caleb Spare, Matt Harden, Roger Peppe, Michael Jones, peterGo, Pietro Gagliardi, Paul Jolly, and Rob 'Commander' Pike, etc.

Also I learned so much from the Go project issue tracker. I give my thanks to the following people who are active on the Go project issue tracker, including: Ian Lance Taylor, Robert Griesemer, Brad Fitzpatrick, Russ Cox, Matthew Dempsky, Keith Randall, Bryan C. Mills, Joe Tsai, Minux Ma, Josh Bleecher Snyder, Axel Wagner, Daniel Martí, Dave Cheney, Austin Clements, Andrew Bonventre, Damian Gryski, Alberto Donizetti, Emmanuel T Odeke, Filippo Valsorda, Dominik Honnef, and Rob Pike, etc.

I thank Martin Möhrmann for pointing out a mistake in one of my Go articles on reddit.

I also would like to thank all gophers who ever made influences on the Go 101 book, be it directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally.

I thank all Go 101 contributors for improving Go 101 articles, including: Amir Khazaie, Ziqi Zhao, Artur Kirillov, Arinto Murdopo, Andreas Pannewitz, Jason-Huang, Joel Rebello, Julia Wong, Wenbin Zhang, Farid Gh, Valentin Deleplace, nofrish, Peter Matseykanets, KimMachineGun, Yoshinori Kawasaki, mooncaker816, Sangwon Seo, Shaun (wrfly), Stephan Renatus, Yang Shu, stemar94, berkant (yadkit), Thomas Bower, Patryk Małek, kucharskim, Rodrigue Koffi, Jhuliano Skittberg Moreno, youmoo, ahadc, Kevin, jojo (hjb912), Gordon Wang, Steve Zhang, cerlestes, Bai Kai, Gleb Sozinov, Jake Montgomery, Erik Dubbelboer, Afriza N. Arief, Maxim Neverov, Asim Himani, sulinehk, Grachev Mikhail, halochou, HaiwenZhu, Alisha Sonawalla, SheldonZhong, wens.wq, xamenyap, etc.

I'm sorry if I forgot mentioning somebody in above lists. There are so many kind and creative gophers in the Go community that I must have missed out on someone.

Special thanks to the authors of the Bootstrap framework, jQuery library, code prettify and prism syntax highlighting JavaSript packages.

The Go 101 project is hosted on both Github and Gitlab. Welcome to improve Go 101 articles by submitting corrections for all kinds of mistakes, such as typos, grammar errors, wording inaccuracies, description flaws, code bugs and broken links.

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